Top 10 Summoning Jutsu in Naruto

Summoning Jutsu is a space-time Ninjutsu, which transports people or animals instantly over any distance, using blood as a sacrifice.
Here are the Top 10 strongest Summoning Jutsu that we’ve seen in the series so far.
Let’s begin—
10. Summoning: Baku
We begin our list with one of Danzō’s Summoning Jutsu, Baku. Baku is a humongous Elephant Chimera. His suction powers were great enough to cause collateral damage and when enhanced by Danzō’s wind style, it was able to break through Sasuke’s Susano’o.

9. Summoning: Quintuple Rashomon
Hashirama Senju summoned Quintuple Rashomon. It worked as a defensive barrier strong enough to change the trajectory of a Tailed Beast ball.


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