This is an update to the previous Summoning list in the light of  completion of Naruto Shippuden. Many of you might have misconception that Summoning can only be living things however this is not true. It can virtually be anything Ninja-Tool, Animals etc as long as the user has contract with the said thing. Also stronger and bigger the summon the more chakra is needed for summoning in the battle.

10. Three Way Deadlock

I would go on a limb to say that perhaps this Summon combination is one of the Fan-Favorite be it the Neo Sannin or Classical ones. Many would agree that this summoning invokes lot of epiphany. When Team-7 for the first time uses their respective summon during the Fourth Great Ninja War it invokes lot of respect from onlookers on the battlefield. For once everyone in fandom gets that feel of how much they have improve since the Genin days and now they successfully inherit the powers of their masters. No matter how one breaks it this one is one formidable summon whose powers will withstand the test of times.

9. Monkey King Enma

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The Major Summon of the “God of Shinobi” Hiruzen Sarutobi, the now deceased Third Hokage. While Hiruzen mostly uses him as his Admantine diamond hard staff nevertheless Enma has some very remarkable feats. During fight with Orochimaru’s attack he easily overwhelms both the first and the Second Hokage in terms of Taijutsu. In the very same fight he also nearly chokes life out of Orochimaru by grabbing his neck. Enma can also withstand chakra inhibiting Wood Release constructs and the sharp Kusanagi blade. In fact Hiruzen easily uses the physical power of this Beast to push Nine-Tails out of Konoha to prevent damage to the village.

8. Manda-II

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Manda-II is the clone of Orochimaru’s favorite and strongest Snake Summon Manda. Kabuto even boasts that this summon is power far exceeds its original one who holds his ground against both Gamabunta and Katsuyu. Manda-II quickly proves its instinctual power and speed by easily grappling the Island Turtle and killing the not-so friendly gigantic squid with a single bite on the Head. What’s make Manda’s design so interesting is the fact that it resembles it namesake from the folklore unlike the original both appearance and power. Also Manda-II is obedient to its creator unlike the original.

7. Ultimate Summoning Beast

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Ultimate Summoning beast is a very interesting beast that appears in one of the Filler episodes of Naruto Shippuden. According to the episode the Beast is actually a perfect counter to Shinobi and it can evolve from its fight with them. For instance during their brief fight this summon learns Genjutsu from Aoba, Chakra absorption from Yamato’s Wood powers. Apparently it can also inherit the powers of anything it consumes for instanc eit gains the Wings after eating a bird monster and so on. In fact it takes Uzumaki member to even control the beast during experiment stages. But after failure to contain the beast at one instance the beast kills everyone in that facility. It takes the soul of that Uzumaki member and Naruto’s Rasenshuriken into lava to finally destroy the creature.

6. Summoning: Quintuple Rashōmon

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Quintuple Rashomon summoning is one of the legendary moves use by Hashirama to Stop Kurama the Hate incarnate’s Biju from reaching the Village. This move can be use for stopping widespread massive projectile like attacks or decrease the momentum. This Summoning is prime example of how summons needn’t be Monsters who are use for numbers or offensive capability. It’s solely defensive summon use for buying some time.

5. Summons of Animal Path

Six Paths of Pain, Animal Path has huge number of summon.(possibly infinite, or perhaps depend on the body in use for the Six-Paths jutsu). In fact These Summons are so strong that they easily keep many of Konoha’s talented Shinobi in check by their unique abilities and sheer power. Particularly that Multi-Dog Summon must be a pain in ass for all those who can’t deal with it in direct confrontation. In fact Animal Pain has shown quite the variety of animal species like the Panda, Multi-Head Dog, Rhino, Bull, Gigantic Bird, Hermit Crab, Chameleon and so on. What’s more impressive is that these summon might not consume too much of chakra like many usual ones. (As Animal Pain keeps using it without any regards to the Reserves or perhaps Nagato’s inhuman Chakra reserve might be the reason).

4. Gedo Statue

Gedo Statue or the Demonic Statue of Outer Path is the Husk of Kaguya Otsutsuki. Unlike several other summons on the list this one is the most important and its power virtually depends on its state of being. Put it simply it requires chakra for use,.(Nagato feeds his own chakra to use an range Soul Absorption jutsu against Hanzo. It can also be use to store chakra of Bijus even in portion reviving it to its original Jubi state.) In this form it pretty much iverpowers any kind of summon. The main reason why its lower on list is the amount of Chakra and NAture Energy require for starting its “engine”.

3. Biju

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Well if using a monster for the sake of combat is acceptable to turn the tide of battle than what about the strongest monsters? While no one has the reserve to summon the Jubi but what about the Biju, the Nine portions of Jubi? Well In fact there are few people who can use Such powerful chakra monsters in combat without being its Jinchuriki. For instance the Legendary Uchiha Warrior Madara or Tobi the leader of Akatsuki.

2. Two Great Sage Toads

This is Actually Jiraiya’s summon when he wants to enter the Sage mode. In order to Accomplish the task Jiraiya requires huge amount of Senjutsu chakra to Summon the Two Honorable Elders of Mount Myoboku. This is quite surprising considering how small these two toads actually are however once you see them using their Genjutsu, Ninjutsu and Taijutsu Techniques in Battle your opinion without doubt will change quickly. Couple this with the Amount of information they bring from their experience thanks to their age and intellectual capabilities I am pretty sure you all would agree about their rank in the list.

1.Edo Tensei

The Last and possibly the strongest summoning in this list the Impure World Reincarnation. Though it’s quite clear that this jutsu requires huge amount of preparation, grave-robbing and Medical knowledge for DNA extraction. However once you get the basics and right material corpses for your use you could possibly have an army of Dead unstoppable Zombies. There are only three ways to get rid-off the jutsu: Talk-no-jutsu, Sealing the corpse or make the user to release the jutsu. The foremost of these method can be overcome by taking over the Summons will.

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