Top 10 Strongest Wood Release Jutsu

Hey guys! Wood style is one of most powerful techniques in the entire Naruto series. So, we’ve gathered the strongest wood style techniques and compiled a list. So, sit back and enjoy.
10. Wood Release: Great Spear Tree- 20160803122337
We begin our with the Wood style of Obito Uchiha. In this technique he brings up several thick roots from the ground and uses them to crush his opponents. He used this technique after Rin was killed by Kakashi. When Kakashi passed out, Obito killed the ninjas of Kirigakure with this technique.
9. Wood Release: Wood Locking Wall- 20160803123431
In this technique the user uses their chakra to activate the roots below the ground. After activation, wooden pillars appear from the left and as well as from the right. The pillars use the user as the centre and join together to make a dome. This dome is used to block long range enemy attacks. Hashirama could use this technique to make a very large dome, which is enough to deflect Kurama’s tailed beast bomb.


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