Top 10 Strongest Taijutsu Attacks

Taijutsu attacks are purely based on Hand-to-Hand Combat or the manipulation of the user’s natural human abilities.
Here are the Top 10 strongest Taijutsu Attacks that we’ve seen in the series so far.
Let’s begin—
10. Eight Trigrams 128 Palms
The Eight Trigrams 128 Palms is a gentle fist technique, which is twice as strong as the 64 Palms. It is used to close the Chakra Pathway System of the opponent or can also be used to strike away multiple opponents at once. Once struck, the opponent can barely move and cannot use his chakra for quite a while.
9. Dance of the Seedling Fern
Next is Kimimaro’s Shikotsumyaku, a Kekkei Genkai ability that allows him to freely manipulate his hone structure and even rip them out and use them as weapons. These bones have very high density and are almost unbreakable, making it one of the stongest Taijutsu techniques. The Dance of the Seedling Fern is Kimmimaro’s Strongest attack. Tens of thousands of Bones rise from the ground which slaughter every person present on the land with the blades of bones. Kimimaro can also become one of the bones and attack the opponent, just in case he survives.


  1. I agree with this list expect for Kimmimaru’s attack. His kekkei genki allows him to manipulate calcium both in his body and the earth. Although he mainly uses his own bones its not a physical attach or a result of a physical attack. His bones become a weapon and not a physical attack.

    • Yes Shikotsumyaku is not a physical attack, it is an ability, but dance of the Seedling Fern is a technique. You can see listed as a Taijutsu technique.


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