Hey everyone! Today, I’m going to rank the Top 10 known strongest swords in One Piece.

Warning: This list may contain Spoilers.
Also, This list is only upto the Dressrosa arc, so Cracker’s Pretzel is not included.

10. Sandai Kitetsu
Sandai Kitetsu is one of the 3 cursed Kitetsu swords. It is also the weakest of the three and is a Wazamono Grade sword. It is weilded by Roronoa Zoro.

9. Yubashiri
Yubashiri is one of the fifty Ryo Wazamono Grade swords, which are better than the Wazamono Grade swords. It was gifted to Roronoa Zoro after he showed his bravery to wield the cursed Kitetsu. Zoro lost this blade to Rust at Enies Lobby. Yubashiri is also one of the 10 strongest swords.


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