Top 10 Strongest S-rank Ninjas in Naruto

S rank ninjas are the strongest ninjas among all the others who are mentioned in the Bingo Book. Also, they are all super powerful and have their own unique abilities. So, today I have made a list containing the strongest S-rank ninjas in Naruto.

10. Hidan- 20161017000204
Hidan was the follower of Jashin. He had somehow gained the power to become immortal. Furthermore, Hidan was well versed in bukijutsu and had a lot of stamina. He was paired with Kakuzu and together they were known as the “Zombie Pair”. Also, Hidan was able to take down Asuma without much trouble and also killed many guards along with Chiriku.
9. Deidara- 20161017000547
Next on our list is an S rated missing nin from Iwagakure, Deidara. Moreover, he joined Akatsuki as its youngest member. Deidara possessed the explosion release Kekkei Genkai, which is a combination of Lighting and Earth release. Also, Deidara had a high level of intelligence. Moreover he defeated Gaara and Isobu even though both of them were in their preferred environments.


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