Top 10 Strongest Rinnegan Techniques

Rinnegan is one of the 3 Great Dōjutsu in the Naruto Series. Unarguably, A Rinnegan grants the user incomparable powers.
Here are the Top 10 Rinnegan Jutsu that we’ve seen in the series so far.
Let’s begin—
10. Six Paths of Pain
We begin our list with the Six Paths of Pain technique. This technique was used by Nagato Uzumaki and later by Obito Uchiha. Using this technique, the user creates six different bodies which receive chakra through black rods called ‘receivers’ and hence function in conjunction to one another. Each body receives one of the techniques of the Six Paths as well.
9. Shinra Tensei
This technique can be used by any Rinnegan user who has mastered all Five basic nature transformations. Using Shinra Tensei, the user can push an object away. It’s strength and area of effectiveness increases with the amount of chakra put into it. At its pinnacle, it was strong enough to destroy the entire village of Konoha.


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