Top 10 Strongest Revolutionary Army Members In One Piece

Strongest revolutionary army members

Hey guys! Hope you all are doing well. I’m back today with another brand new list regarding One Piece universe. In this list, I’m going to share with you the Top 10 strongest revolutionary army members in One Piece. Revolutionary Army’s aim is to knock World Government off their perch. To do this they need members with extraordinary power and here are their top 10 members. So, without further delay let us begin.

10. Hack revolutionary army members
Hack is a member of the Revolutionary Army and hails from Fishman Island. He is known for his extraordinary power. His expertise in Fishman Karate is awesome. As he is both a user and instructor of Fishman Karate, he could use high-level techniques of the same. He is also able to use Fishman Jujutsu which is a martial arts technique.

9. Koalarevolutionary army members
She is a former slave of the Celestial Dragons. Now, she works as an assistant instructor of the Fishman Karate for the Revolutionary Army. She often works with Sabo. She made her first appearance in Dressrosa arc. Koala is very agile as we have seen her move swiftly and is able to take down opponents who are bigger than her.

8. Morley strongest revolutionary army members
Morley is another one of the strongest members of the revolutionary army. He is a giant. He is the West Army Commander of the Revolutionary Army. He is able to manipulate ground and seemingly is a paramecia type devil fruit user. And since he is a giant, Morley possess an extraordinary amount of strength.

7. Belo Betty strongest revolutionaries
Belo Betty is another executive serving as the East Army Commander of the Revolutionary Army. She is also a Paramecia type devil fruit devil fruit user. She has eaten Kobu Kobu no Mi fruit that has the power to encourage the people to fight and also increases their physical strength as well.

6. Lindbergh revolutionaries one Piece
Lindbergh hails from the Mink tribe. He is the South Army Commander of the revolutionaries. And since he hails from Mink tribe he is capable of proving his worth in the battles and has the capability of using Electro. He is capable of making weapons of pretty high-level technology. He can even transform into his Sulong form at seeing the full moon.

5. Karasuone piece revolutionaries
Karasu is another one of the strongest members of the revolutionary army. He is the North commander. He is able to transform his body into crows. Although, his devil fruit’s name is still unknown, Every one of the crow is capable of carrying at least one person at its back. This ability of his comes in useful in quite a few situations.

4. Ivankovone piece revolutionary army member
Ivankov is the queen of the Kamabakka Kingdom where Sanji Vinsmoke trained during the time skip. He is a pretty strong member of the Revolutionary Army as we have seen his strength during Impel Down and Marineford war. He is the master of the martial arts technique known as Newkama Kenpo. He has the power of Horu Horu no Mi devil fruit. He can affect the hormones of his body and other’s body as well with this ability.

3. Kumarevolutionary army members
Bartholomew Kuma is right now a slave of the Celestial Dragons and has served as a Shichibukai as well as the Revolutionary Army Commander. He is arguably one of the strongest revolutionary army members. He has the power of Nikyu Nikyu no Mi fruit. This fruit has given him paw pads in his palms. He can push and deflect almost anything. He can send things to travel thousands of miles with a mere push like we saw in the case of Strawhats.

2. Saboone piece revolutionary army
Sabo is the sworn brother of Luffy and Ace. He is one of the strongest revolutionary army members. Sabo is the chief of staff or we can say the no. 2 of the revolutionaries. He has been trained by Dragon himself and is known to have inhumane physical prowess. He is an expert of fighting style known as Ryusoken. After eating Mera Mera no Mi devil fruit he has now the ability to manipulate and become fire.

1. Monkey D Dragon revolutionary army leader
Dragon is the father of Monkey D Luffy himself. He is the leader of the revolutionaries and arguably the strongest revolutionary army member. He is the direct opposite of the World Government and thus is the most wanted man in the world. We do not know much about his powers or which devil fruit ability he has. But since he is the no. 1 of the revolutionary army and has extremely powerful subordinates. It’s not hard to figure out that being the no. 1 among them means he’s way stronger than the strongest.

That is it from today’s post on top 10 strongest revolutionary army members. If you do not agree with the points in the post and have some of your own opinions, share them with us in the comments section down below. Keep visiting TheAnimeScrolls for more information about Anime, Manga and movies.

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