Top 10 Strongest Non-Devil Fruit Users In One Piece

Devil Fruits are an important source of power in the world of One Piece. Some of the greatest Pirates rule with their power. However, there are some Non-Devil Fruit Users who are equally strong and fearsome.

Here are the top 10 Non-Devil Fruit users in One Piece.
10. Jimbei
We begin our list with the Captain of the Sun Pirates, Jimbei. Also known as the Knight of the Sea, Jimbei was also one or the Shichibukai. He doesn’t possess any Devil Fruit powers, but is very powerful and has mastered Fishman Karate.

9. Roronoa Zoro
Next on our list, is the First mate of the Strawhat Pirates, the Pirate Hunter, Zoro. He is one of the strongest characters in One Piece and aims to be the World’s Greatest Swordsman. Zoro uses three katanas at once and relies solely on them during a battle.



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