Top 10 Strongest Members of Konoha’s ANBU

The ANBU is a special tactical assassination unit that work directly under the Kage. In Konoha, a special unit called the Root exist. They work under Danzō Shimura. They are hand-picked by their Kage, because of their specific skills.
Here are the top 10 members of Konoha’s ANBU.
Let’s begin—

10. Yugao Uzuki
Yugao Uzuki was a member of Konoha’s root from a very young age. She was later assigned to Team Rō, under Kakashi Hatake. Moreover, Yugao was exceptionally skilled in Kenjutsu and Sensory techniques.
In the 4th Great Ninja War, she also helped to seal her lover, Hayate.

9. Kabuto Yakushi
Kabuto Yakushi was a member of the root ANBU under Danzō Shimura. He was sent to spy on various countries. Kabuto was a decent spy. On on occasion, he accidentally killed his mother, and failed to save her. This is also where Kabuto found the company of Orochimaru.

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