Top 10 Strongest Lightning Release Jutsu In NarutoVerse

Lightning release jutsu

Hey guys! Hope you all are doing well. In this post, I’ll be discussing a list of the strongest lightning release jutsu in NarutoVerse. Lightning release is one of the five major transformations in the world of Naruto. It derives its strength from lightning and thus all the jutsu that uses this release have elements of lightning in it and most of them are too powerful.

Let’s begin the list of top 10 strongest lightning release jutsu in NarutoVerse

10. Vanishing RasenganVanishing Rasengan
Vanishing Rasengan is the new jutsu that has been introduced in Boruto series. This jutsu has been invented by Boruto Uzumaki. Boruto subconsciously added lightning release while practising Rasengan to it changing its nature in the process. This Rasengan vanishes completely in the air and thus, until it hits, the opponent has no clue whatsoever where it came from.

9. Liger Bomb
lightning release
This is a technique we saw Raikage using. Raikage first quotes himself in his lightning release chakra cloak then grabs his target and then in literal terms powerbombs him into the ground. This move is said to be a certain kill jutsu and Sasuke Uchiha only survived this jutsu because he used his Susano’o to reduce its effect.

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