Top 10 Strongest Kunoichi in Naruto

Hey guys! Kunoichi are female ninjas who are both powerful and beautiful. And to be honest the Shinobi world would be dull without them. So, today we are gonna rank the beautiful Kunoichi according to their power.
10. Hinata Hyūga-
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We begin our list with the Byakugan Princess, Hinata Hyūga. Hinata is a member of Team 8. She belongs to Hyūga clan and can use her Byakugan very well. She has the ability to see 20 kilometers with her Byakugan. Also, like other Byakugan users, she has the ability to hit each and every Tenketsu of the human body. Later she is known to be a master in the Gentle Fist technique.
9. Pakura-
Pakura was a famed ninja of the Sunagakure. She is the person in the entire series known to possess Scorch Release Kekkei Genkai. With this technique she can create heat orbs which can mummify her opponents by evaporating the moisture from their bodies.


  1. How can tsunade be 1 and sakura 4 if kishimoto himself said sakura surpassed tsunade? So in Logic terms sakura should be 1st


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