Top 10 Strongest Jutsu of the Susanoo

Susano’o is the best thing there is, when it comes to attacking and defending simultaneously. It’s impenetrable armour also makes it stronger than Gaara’s Absolute Defence, while it’s attacking powers are too strong even for the Five Kage to handle.
Here’s are the Top 10 Susanoo Jutsu in Naruto:

10. Susano’o: Tsukumo
The Susano’o: Tsukumo, is one of Shisui’s Susano’o moves. He used it on the pursuing ANBU members to take them all out. In this move, his Susano’o fires extremely fast needles through the ribcage, which is also strong enough to take down a wide number of Shinobi at once.

9. Amaterasu: Flame Wrapping Fire
I already talked about Susano’o being one of the best defences there is. With Flame Wrapping Fire, Sasuke Uchiha demonstrates the ability to defend using a Susano’o, where he coats the ribcage with Black Flames. Moreover, This defence is strong enough to stop most opponents, and also makes them think twice before attacking.


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