Top 10 Strongest Shinobi During Fourth Great War

Fourth great war

Hey everyone! Today’s list is about top 10 strongest shinobi during the fourth great war. This war was fought between the allied shinobi forces and the Akatsuki for the possession of the tailed beasts. A lot of Shinobi died, while other rose to the status of legends in this war. Let’s look at the strongest shinobi during this war. Without further delay, let us begin the list. Note that the list isn’t ranked. Also, Reanimated Shinobi like Madara or Kage aren’t included.

10. Gaarafourth war Naruto
Gaara is the current Kazekage of Sunagakure. Gaara also is the former Jinchuuriki of Shukaku, the one tailed beast. During the fourth great war, he showed how strong he was with his sand manipulation technique. Gaara is able to manipulate sand in whatever manner he wants. He can use his sand to attack as well as defend. Also, Gaara is known to have the Kekkei Genkai ability of Magnet Release but this ability of his has only been shown in the novel and not in manga or anime.

9. Kabuto Yakushifourth great ninja war
Kabuto Yakushi turned out to be the main force behind the Akatsuki. If it wasn’t for him Akatsuki, wouldn’t have awakened the ten tails. It was because of his humongous amount of reanimated legendary Shinobis that caused the main havoc. He had also modified Madara Uchiha’s body and reanimated him in his prime. Later, Madara reversed Kabuto’s reanimation jutsu and freed himself.

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