Top 10 Strongest Female Shinobi In Boruto

Hey you all! Hope you are doing just fine. I’m back with another brand-new list regarding NarutoVerse. In this list, we’ll be talking about the top 10 strongest female shinobi. I thought that we aren’t focusing on the new and upcoming female ninjas that much so here is a list dedicated to these top 10 strongest female shinobi in Boruto Naruto Next Generations. So, without further delay let us begin.
P. S- As Tsunade hasn’t been introduced in the Boruto series yet, she’s not on the list.

10. Moegi Kazamatsuristrongest female shinobi
Moegi Kazamatsuri is a Jounin level ninja from Konohagakure. She like Hashirama Senju possesses the all-powerful Kekkei Genkai ability of Wood Release naturally. We haven’t seen her in action yet but since she has already become a Jounin it means that she is pretty powerful and I hope to see more of her wood release abilities in the coming future of Boruto series.

9. Hanabi Hyugastrongest female shinobi
Hanabi Hyuga is the sister of Hinata Hyuga. She is the heiresses of the Hyuga clan. Also, she has an incredible hold over her Byakugan. She too is a Jounin level ninja. Hanabi Hyuga’s potential is compared to even Neji Hyuga’s potential. Although we haven’t seen her using her full strength but her rank speaks for itself.

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