Hey everyone! Hope you all are doing well. I’m back here at TheAnimeScrolls with another brand-new post. In this post, we’ll discuss a list regarding the top 10 strongest duos in Naruto. Over the years we have seen numerous partnerships or two-man teams which have been formidable to beat and here are the top 10 amongst them.

Let’s begin the list of top 10 strongest duos in Naruto

10. Kakashi Hatake And Obito Uchiha
strongest duos
Kakashi Hatake and Obito Uchiha were in the same genin team. They fought alongside each other quite a few times but this duos main contribute came in the fourth great war when they helped Sasuke Uchiha and Naruto Uzumaki in the battle against Kaguya Otsutsuki. This is a very powerful duo due to their experience and powerful techniques.

9. Killer B And Naruto Uzumaki
strongest duos
These are the only two remaining Jinchuuriki and both of them are perfect Jinchuuriki. They have teamed up quite a few times and most noticeably during the fourth great war. They are a lethal duo and at this time Naruto didn’t have the six paths chakra and the chakra of all tailed beasts, thus they are ranked on number 9 on this list.

8. Madara Uchiha And Izuna Uchiha
Naruto duos
This was one of the most famous teams during the Warring States period. They were the first Uchiha to awaken the Mangekyou Sharingan. It is known that Izuna Uchiha’s Mangekyou Sharingan control was on par with Madara Uchiha. And we know that during that period Madara was only behind Hashirama Senju in terms of being the strongest shinobi. Thus, this is also one of the strongest duos in Naruto.

7. Itachi Uchiha And Sasuke Uchiha
duos Naruto
The most popular Uchiha brothers among the fans are Itachi Uchiha and Sasuke Uchiha. They teamed up during the fourth great war to take down Kabuto Yakushi. They both possessed Mangekyou Sharingan abilities and since Itachi was in the reanimated state he could use his Mangekyou Sharingan without any negative effects. At this time Itachi was stronger of the two brothers.

6. Kakashi Hatake And Might Guy
strongest duos
This is the team of the sixth Hokage of Konohagakure and the legendary ninja of Konohagakure Might Guy. When these two get together they are hard to beat. One can use the inner eight gates technique and the other has over a thousand techniques up his sleeve. They have fought together quite a few times in the past.

5. Hashirama Senju And Tobirama Senju
strongest duos
Hashirama Senju was known as the God of Shinobi and the strongest character during the Warring States period. Tobirama Senju was known as The Creator due to the fact he has invented numerous strong jutsu. They are a formidable team and it is known that Madara was defeated by Hashirama and Tobirama defeated Izuna. Thus, giving us an idea of how strong this duo is.

4. Momoshiki Otsutsuki And Kinshiki Otsutsuki
Boruto duos
Momoshiki Otsutsuki and Kinshiki Otsutsuki were two God level characters introduced in Boruto series. One had tremendous strength and the other was capable of absorbing all ninjutsu with his Rinnegan. They even defeated a perfect Jinchuuriki in Killer Bee and when Momoshiki absorbed Kinshiki he was able to defeat all Kage.

3. Madara Uchiha and Obito Uchiha
strongest duos
Madara and Obito fought as a team when both of them were successful in reviving the Ten-Tailed Beast. They could both use the senjutsu chakra and literally caused havoc on the battlefield. Even Naruto Uzumaki and Killer B couldn’t stop them. Also, Sasuke Uchiha’s Amaterasu had no effect on the Ten-Tails beast. It was surely one of the all-time strongest duos in NarutoVerse.

2. Naruto Uzumaki And Sasuke Uchiha
strongest duos
This is a team of the Shinobi who both possess the chakra of Hagoromo Otsutsuki. After getting the six paths chakra they were even able to seal away Kaguya Otsutsuki. We also saw them in action against Momoshiki Otsutsuki who had already absorbed Kinshiki Otsutsuki and beat him as well. This is simply the strongest duo in NarutoVerse right now but not the strongest of all time.

1. Hagoromo Otsutsuki And Hamura Otsutsuki
strongest teams
Hagoromo Otsutsuki and Hamura Otsutsuki inherited the chakra of Kaguya Otsutsuki directly and had the most powerful dōjutsu that exist, the Rinnegan and the Tenseigan. Both of them were able to seal away Kaguya Otsutsuki. Both of them could use a powerful senjutsu chakra as well, and clearly were more powerful than both Sasuke Uchiha and Naruto Uzumaki.

That is it from today’s post on top 10 strongest duos in NarutoVerse. If you do not agree with the points in the post and have some of your own opinions, share them with us in the comments section down below. Keep visiting TheAnimeScrolls for more information about Anime, Manga and movies.

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