Top 10 Strongest Devil Fruits In The Wano Arc

2. Ope Ope no Mi
strongest devil fruits
Ope Ope no Mi is another paramecia type devil fruit. It is considered to be the perfect devil fruit. Using this devil fruit one can create a room and basically control everything inside this room. Trafalgar D Law is the one who possesses the power of this devil fruit. Law can swap places with ease inside the room and even cut through humans coated in haki with ease.

1. Mythical Zoan Type Dragon
Kaido's Devil Fruit
This is one of the most awaited devil fruits which has been recently introduced or I should say revealed in Wano country. Unsurprisingly, Yonko Kaido is the one who has this devil fruit. Using this devil fruit he can easily transform into a mammoth dragon. His dragon form is just 1000 times bigger and stronger than Momonosuke. It isn’t confirmed that Kaido has this devil fruit but its only a matter of time. It is easily the no. 1 among strongest devil fruits in Wano.

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