Top 10 Strongest Devil Fruits In The Wano Arc

4. Zou Zou no Mi: Model Mammoth
Jack the drought's return
This is the devil fruit that is possessed by one of the disasters of yonko Kaido. Using this devil fruit Jack the Drought can transform into a humongous mammoth. Mammoth is an ancient creature and, hence Jack has an ancient zoan type devil fruit. Also, Jack has tremendous strength and regeneration due to the fact he is indeed a mammoth.

3. Gomu Gomu no Mi
strongest devil fruit wano
Gomu Gomu no Mi is the devil fruit of the future King of the Pirates, Monkey D Luffy. This is a paramecia type devil fruit, and it basically makes Luffy’s body into rubber. Since his body is rubber he can stretch and contract his body at will. Also, his gears like second, third and fourth give him extraordinary power and speed which is enough to defeat yonko commanders but not yonko themselves.

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