Top 10 Strongest Devil Fruits In The Wano Arc

6. Wara Wara no Mi
Basil Hawkins
This is the devil fruit of Basil Hawkins. Using this devil fruit, Hawkins can transform himself into straw and anything he wants into straw as well. It seems that he is a special paramecia type devil fruit user like Katakuri. Basil Hawkins using this devil fruit can transform the damage he suffers to anyone whose Voodoo doll he possesses.

5. Kid’s Devil Fruit
strongest devil fruits
Eustass Kid is one of the Supernova pirates. His devil fruit seems to have magnetic effects. He can use attractive and repulsive forces and can control magnetic substances. He’ll fight Kaido in Wano, and in the process he could awaken his devil fruit. Kid could turn the ground into a huge magnetic substance and use it to attack and defend. His awakened abilities will also be interesting to witness.

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