Top 10 Strongest Devil Fruits In The Wano Arc

8. Toki Toki no Mi
toki toki no mi
This is the only known devil fruit related to time in One Piece universe. Toki Kozuki was the user of this devil fruit. Using this fruit she was able to travel into any point in the future and also could send others into the future as well. It is unknown who is the current user of this devil fruit as Toki Kozuki is already dead.

7. X Drake’s Devil Fruit
ancient zoan type
X Drake is one of the Supernova pirates and is working with Kaido for now. Like other Supernova pirates, he too wants to find the One Piece and Raftel. He has made this list because of his powerful ancient zoan type devil fruit which gives him the ability to transform into a huge dinosaur. He’ll surely become more powerful in future, and make a name for himself as a legendary pirate.

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