Top 10 Strongest Clans In Konoha

Konohagakure was formed after Hashirama Senju and Madara Uchiha joined forces to create the first shinobi village. As time passed, many other clans joined, and a small settlement turned into a village.
Today, we’ve ranked the Top 10 strongest Clans from Konohagakure.
Let’s begin—
10. Akimichi Clan
We begin our list with one of the four noble clans of Konoha, the Akimichi Clan. So far, this clan has had 15 heads, with Akimichi Chōza being the current. Their main ability lies in converting their calories into chakra, which is then used in various techniques. If this is not enough, they can also convert their fat into chakra by using the three coloured pills.

9. Aburame Clan
Next on the list is the Aburame Clan. Also one of the four noble clans, the Aburame Clan rely on their usage of bugs. At birth, members of its clan are offered to several species of insects, which then reside under the host’s skin and live in symbiosis with them.



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