Top 10 strongest Barrier Ninjutsu in Naruto

Barrier Ninjutsu is mainly used against opponents in order to trap them or protect ones own self against opponents. It also has several other uses. We have made a list containing the strongest barrier ninjutsu in Naruto.

10. Ice Release: Ice Rock Dome of Nothingness
We begin the list with the barrier jutsu cast by Haku. In this jutsu he would freeze the air around him and that would lead to the creation of an ice dome. The ice dome which is created is very durable and could withstand a series of explosions caused by explosive tags.

9. Sealed Iron Wall
This barrier ninjutsu was placed on the gate of the Fire Temple to defend against intruders. The statues which has been placed opposite to each other on the either side of the gate cast this barrier ninjutsu. The effects can be subdued by pouring in a special chakra namely, Gift of the Hermit Group. This chakra is limited to the monks of the temple.


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