Top 10 Smartest Naruto Characters

Throughout the years, in Naruto, we’ve seen so many people with a high intellect. We’ve seen the best at strategies, Shikamaru. The wisest person, Hiruzen. and the most intuitive, Tobirama. But overall, who was the Smartest Character in Naruto?
Today, I’ve made a list of the 10 Smartest Characters in Naruto.
So let’s get started –

10. Neji 20160729131449
We begin our list with the prodigy of the Hyūga clan. Neji was believed to be one of the most shrewdest characters in Part 1. He was the only character to become a Jounin, after the Time-skip. Just at the age of 14, he was considered the Hyūga’s brightest.

9. Orochimaru 20160729131653
Next on our list is one of the Legendary Sannin, Orochimaru. He was the brightest scientist Konoha ever had. His motive was to learn all the Jutsu and to achieve immortality. Orochimaru devised Living Corps Reincarnation to achieve the purpose of immortality. Although, the search for his answers led him astray, he was still one of the most intelligent characters.


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