Top 10 Shinobi With Most Physical Strength in Naruto

A crucial asset to any shinobi is his/her raw physical power. When ninjutsu fails, physical strength comes in handy. It is one of the most crucial assets to a shinobi. So, today I have shinobi with most physical strength.

10. Kisame Hoshigaki- 20160925200348
Kisame had a lot physical strength. He was given the epithet “Tailed Beast without a Tail” due to his insane chakra levels. He was originally a member of the cipher pol but later defected to the Akatsuki.
9. Lightning A- httpvignette2_wikia_nocookie_netnarutoimages44cfourth_raikage_2
Lighting A was the son the Third Raikage. Like his father, A had great strength and speed, which helped him to fight the strongest of the enemies. Furthermore, he was to break one of Gyuki’s horns with his attacks.


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