Top 10 Strongest Power Ups In Naruto

We’ve seen many power ups in the Naruto series. Some are not so impressive, while others grant the powers equal to a God. These Power ups are what made Naruto the exciting series it is.
Today, I’ve made a list of the 10 strongest power ups in the Naruto series.
10. Creation Rebirth
We begin with the Creation Rebirth. It was created by Tsunade Senju. It allows her to store great amounts of Chakra in her forehead. This chakra can later be released at once. Which allows the person to heal from any injury, even being split in half. Sakura Haruno also mastered this technique.

9. Sage Mode
Chakra Types
Sage Mode is the process of utilising the chakra present in the nature. This allows the user to become ‘one’ with the nature. Sage Mode grants the person a serious boost in all the abilities.



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