Top 10 Pirate Crews In The Great Pirate Era

Hey guys! There are a whole bunch of Pirate crews on the rise, since Roger started the Great Pirate Era. Today, we are gonna rank all of them. Let’s get started.

10. Kidd Pirates
Led by one of the 11 Supernovas, Eustass Kidd, the Kidd Pirates rank 10th on our list. They were the first major crew from the Supernovas who went to the New World and wreaked havoc there. Kidd even went and sunk a couple of ships from Big Mom’s crew. They later targeted the Yonkō, “Red Hair” Shanks.

9. Heart Pirates
On 9th is Trafalgar Law’s Heart Pirates. Law was rather skeptic about entering the New World and waited until his crew was completely prepared. During that time, he managed to become a Shichibukai, and they became the first crew from the Supernovas who were led by a Shichibukai. The Heart Pirates received all the authority and safety from both the Marines and the World Government. After the events at Dressrosa, their next target is to take down the Yonkō, Kaido, with the help of the Strawhat Pirates.


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