Top 10 One Piece Pirates Who Are Admiral Level

2. Kaidopirates stronger than Admirals
Kaido is the fourth name the last among the Yonko. He is known to be the most durable man alive and seems pretty much indestructible. Kaido’s devil fruit is still unknown but there is a strong rumour that he might be the user of mythical zoan type dragon devil fruit. Like Big Mom Kaido is also powerful enough to take on more than one Admiral at once. He has already been sentenced to death so many times, yet he has never died.

1. Monkey D Luffy admiral level
Monkey D Luffy is unofficially known and the fifth Yonko. He is the captain of the Strawhat Pirates. Also, he is the user of Gomu Gomu no Mi devil fruit which has turned his body into rubber. He can increase his strength by using various gears. Monkey D Luffy has improved vastly since the time skip and has even gone past characters like Doflamingo and Katakuri. He is certainly at par with Admiral level if not more.

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