Top 10 Ninjas Who Are Kage Level in Naruto

There are many shinobi in Naruto that are very powerful. Some of them are on Kage level and even above.

So, today we have ranked the shinobi who are Kage level in Naruto.
P.S: People possessing Six Paths power like Obito, Madara aren’t included. Anyone who became a Kage later on like Kakashi, Darui isn’t included. Last but not the least anyone who was previously a Kage isn’t included.

10. Kakuzu- 20160906162113
Kakuzu was a member of the Akatsuki and the partner of Hidan. He was skilled enough that his village sent him to assassinate Hashirama Senju in which he failed. He took on both Team Asuma which was led by Kakashi and Team 7. Kakuzu was easily Kage Level. Tells a lot about his strength doesn’t it.!

9. Kisame Hoshigaki- Kage Level
Kisame was also known as the “Tailless Tailed Beast” due to his large chakra reserves. He was able enough to change the entire surroundings to his benefit as we saw in the fight against Killer Bee. Kisame was strong enough to fight toe-to-toe with Might Gai, suggesting he was easily Kage Level.

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    • Please see the note before reading. It has already been listed people with Six Paths power are not included as they are way more powerful than a Kage.


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