Top 10 Most Powerful Kekkei Genkai In Boruto And Naruto

4. Ketsuryuganstrongest Kekkei Genkai
It is one of the new dōjutsu introduced in Naruto Anime. It is a dōjutsu that can be seen in the Chinoike clan. The wielder of this Kekkei Genkai has eyes as crimson blood like. The amazing and haunting ability of Ketsuryugan is that it can manipulate the iron present in one’s body and any liquid having high concentrations of iron. Also, Ketsuryugan user has pretty good genjutsu abilities as well.

3. Tenseiganpowerful Kekkei Genkai
Tenseigan is the evolved form of Byakugan. The first user of Tenseigan was Hamura Otsutsuki. One can awaken Tenseigan if he has both Otsutsuki clan chakra and a Byakugan. Tenseigan has the ability to control the attractive and repulsive forces much like Rinnegan. Also, it gives the user a special chakra mode that enhances their strength.

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