Top 10 Most Powerful Kekkei Genkai In Boruto And Naruto

8.ShikotsumyakuKekkei Genkai
Shikotsumyaku is one of the most powerful Kekkei Genkai in my opinion. It allows the user to manipulate the shape and size of their bones at will. Using this the user can attack and defend simultaneously. We first saw this Kekkei Genkai when Kimimaro used it.

7. Jouganmost powerful Kekkei Genkai
Jougan is one of the new dojutsu being introduced in the Boruto series. It is the Kekkei Genkai ability of Boruto Uzumaki himself. Also, we haven’t seen all of its abilities yet. Some of the known abilities are that it can allow the user the clearly see that Chakra pathway system of any being and even detect the weak spots in the body. Another ability of Jougan is that it is easily able to see the negative chakra. It can even see the invisible barriers that connects dimensions.

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