One Piece has several characters who prefer a type of fighting style. Some prefer swords, other guns, while some use their feet, and are kick fighters.
Today, i’m gonna rank all the Characters who prefer using their feet in battle.
Let’s begin —
10. Bon Kurei- httpsgradingfightscenes_files_wordpress_com201405picture62
We begin our list with the former agent of Baroque works, Mr. 2 aka Bon Kurei. He is currently the Queen of Newkama Land. He is a very proficient fighter with his Okama Kenpo. Bon Kurei makes his kicks more powerful by using the swans that he has with him. The swans’ metal beak gives more damage to the receiver. He is currently the weakest of all Kick Fighters.

9. Khalifa- kick fighters
Khalifa was the one of CP9’s strongest members. She had mastered the Rokushiki. But, she used mainly her legs for fighting until she ate the Awa Awa no Mi. Her kicks are strong enough to be noted by Sanji and she is so quick that she leaves a residual image after attacking.


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