Hey guys! We know that there are many super strong ninjas in the Naruto series and most of these individuals possess a unique bloodline limit known as Kekkei Genkai. So, we have prepared a list with the many powerful Kekke Genkai. So, let’s begin.
Warning: List may have spoilers
10. Kurama Clan’s Genjutsu- 20160728123035
We begin our list with the Kekkei Genkai of the Kurama Clan. After every few generations a talented member of the clan is born with a great prowess in Genjutsu. This ability makes the target’s brain causes the brain to believe anything that happens to the victim to the point where the genjutsu physically harms the victim’s body. This Genjutsu allows the user to potentially kill anyone with it. But, it is very hard to master and sometimes a person’s subconscious will regulate the power. This might lead to the creation of another personality which will overwhelm the original personality.
9. Ice Release- 20160728122924
The Ice Release of the Yuki clan grabs the next spot on our list. This Kekkei Genkai was first shown to be used by Haku. It is a combination of wind and water based chakra which allows the user to create ice at their free will. The ice created cannot be melted by fire easily as it was evident when Sasuke tried melting it with his fire release.



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