Top 10 Strongest Jinchuuriki In Naruto

Naruto Series started with Naruto becoming the Jinchuuriki of the 9 Tails. Later, we saw Gaara, another Jinchuuriki and we started to wonder how many Jinchuuriki there actually were, and how strong they were.
Today, I’ve made a list of the 10 Strongest Jinchuuriki in Naruto.
So let’s get started –
10. Roshi
We begin our list with the Jinchuuriki of Son Goku, Roshi. He was a shinobi from the Iwagakure. Being the Jinchuuriki of the 4 Tails, he was a manipulator of the Lava Release. Roshi left home at an early age to better control his Tailed Beast. Before his death, Roshi fought Kisame Hoshikagi and lost.

9. Nii Yugito
Next on our list is the Jounin from Kumogakure, Yugito. Yugito was made to be the Jinchuriki of the Two-Tails, Matatabi. Being the Jinchuuriki of the Two tails, she had the ability to manipulate Blue Flames. Later, she was was captured by Hidan and Kakuzu and her Tailed Beast was extracted from her.



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