Top 10 Genjutsu Users in Naruto

Genjutsu is one of the strongest moves to have in your arsenal. It gives the user an advantage in the battle against his opponent. Today we are going to rank the strongest Genjutsu users in Naruto.

10. Kurenai Yūhi-
We begin our list with the Jōnin from Konohagakure, Kurenai. She is known as a genjutsu master. Kurenai use mostly flora to trap other people and bind them in her genjutsu. Kurenai was very agile and possessed notable skill in taijutsu. Also, she could revert the effects of the genjutsu to the caster.
9. Tayuya
Tayuya was one of the members of Sound Four. She was the second strongest member of the Sound Four after Sakon. She was the only member of the Sound Four, who used sound as a weapon. She was a long range fighter and used a flute to cast a very powerful genjutsu on her foes. The Genjutsu can affect anyone even if she doesn’t know the location of her target. It covers a very large area and is very powerful.

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