Top 10 Fights That We Want To See In Wano Country War

Wano Country war

Hey you all! Hope you guys are doing more than just fine. I’m back with one of the lists you’ve been requesting us to write. Yes, that’s right guys this list is about the top 10 fights we want to see in Wano Country war. Oda has already promised us that this war will be humongous even compared to Marineford thus all the fans have been waiting for this war since. Also, this post is full of spoilers so whoever does not like to read spoilers please stay away from this post. So, without further delay let us begin.

10. Nami vs Queen Disasternami wano war
Nami is one of the Strawhat Pirates. She is one of the most talented navigators around and on top of that a weather expert as well. Also, we are bound to see the queen disaster of Kaido in Wano war. I know it does seem this fight will an easy win for the disaster, but don’t count out Nami’s Zeus and his powers. She has a part of Big Mom with her to aid in battle.

9. Vinsmoke Sanji vs Disastersanji full power
We are also yet to see Sanji’s full strength after the time skip and if he gets a chance to fight one of Kaido’s disasters. He might be able to awaken his future sight Haki. Also, since we didn’t get to see Sanji’s full strength at Whole Cake Island, it’s almost certain that we’ll see his strength in Wano war. By the end of Wano, Luffy has to be Yonko level, so it would only make sense if Sanji is Yonko Commander level as well.

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