Top 10 Fights That We Want To See In Wano Country War

Wano Country war

Hey you all! Hope you guys are doing more than just fine. I’m back with one of the lists you’ve been requesting us to write. Yes, that’s right guys this list is about the top 10 fights we want to see in Wano Country war. Oda has already promised us that this war will be humongous even compared to Marineford thus all the fans have been waiting for this war since. Also, this post is full of spoilers so whoever does not like to read spoilers please stay away from this post. So, without further delay let us begin.

10. Nami vs Queen Disasternami wano war
Nami is one of the Strawhat Pirates. She is one of the most talented navigators around and on top of that a weather expert as well. Also, we are bound to see the queen disaster of Kaido in Wano war. I know it does seem this fight will an easy win for the disaster, but don’t count out Nami’s Zeus and his powers. She has a part of Big Mom with her to aid in battle.

9. Vinsmoke Sanji vs Disastersanji full power
We are also yet to see Sanji’s full strength after the time skip and if he gets a chance to fight one of Kaido’s disasters. He might be able to awaken his future sight Haki. Also, since we didn’t get to see Sanji’s full strength at Whole Cake Island, it’s almost certain that we’ll see his strength in Wano war. By the end of Wano, Luffy has to be Yonko level, so it would only make sense if Sanji is Yonko Commander level as well.

8. Law vs Kaido Law full power
Law vs Kaido is one of the most awaited fights of Wano. It will be interesting to see whether Kaido’s durability is able to stand against Law’s Ope‚Äč Ope no Mi devil fruit powers. There have been theories about Law’s powers being the only way to beat Kaido. If that’s true, Law will be key to defeating him. I really want law to get stronger in this arc as well. Let’s see what Oda does with this possible fight.

7. Big Mom vs Kaidowano Country war
We saw in the recent chapters that both Kaido and Big Mom were arguing about who’ll get to kill Luffy. And Kaido warned her that of she intervenes than Kaido will kill her. It seems that Big Mom is heading towards Wano and if Kaido encounters her then we’ll get to see this fight as well. A Yonko vs Yonko fight is definitely fun to watch, and I would love to see them both go all out.

6. Big Mom vs LuffyOne piece episode wano Country war
We have already seen the teaser for the fight between Big Mom and Luffy in the Whole Cake Island arc. As I mentioned, Big Mom is heading towards Wano Country to kill Monkey D Luffy. This time Luffy will show us some new powers which will surely effect Big Mom. Maybe Luffy will first use his gear fifth against Big Mom only in Wano war. I don’t know, but I want this fight to happen, and I want Luffy to finally fight the strongest Pirates, which includes Big Mom.

5. Marco vs WeevilFights in wano
Marco might head to Wano and join Strawhats only if Edward Weevil will be present there as well. All the fans want Marco to join Strawhats and beat the hell out of Edward Weevil who seems to be destroying everything that his supposed Whitebeard had left in this World. I hope to see Marco the Phoenix in full throttle again in Wano Country war. His powers weren’t properly shown at Marineford. We didn’t even see his awakening so I want to see him being able to fight someone strong like Weevil.

4. Katakuri vs King Disaster battles in wano
Charlotte Katakuri will head towards Wano with Big Mom of course and since Big Mom and Kaido have differences and do not see eye to eye. It is possible that their two most trusted subordinates go head-to-head. In my opinion, Katakuri vs King Disaster will be an awesome fight. King Disaster is bound to have a mythical zoan type devil fruit abilities. I hope we get to see this fight. I’m rooting for Katakuri obviously.

3. Jinbe vs Jack Jack the drought's return
Jinbe is the new member of Strawhat Pirates. We saw him join in at Whole Cake Island. Also, some say that Jinbe is already dead but I think that he’ll fulfil his promise and be at Wano Country. Jinbe is an expert in Fishman Karate and is a former Shichibukai. I think that he will go head-to-head against Jack, one of the disasters of Kaido. I hope to see who prevails in this fight.

2. Roronoa Zoro vs Kurozumi Orochi fights wano war
We have been waiting to see the fight in which Roronoa Zoro uses his full strength. Zoro has been training with Mihawk during the time skip. And we know that he’ll already one of the strongest swordsmen. On the other hand, Kurozumi Orochi is the Shogun of Wano Country. I think that shogun would be very powerful and Zoro will have to go all out against him. This is a fight all fans want to see.

1. Monkey D Luffy vs KaidoLuffy's ultimate gear
This is the most awaited fight and the most possible fight awaiting the take place in the Wano Country war. All fans know that Kaido will lose but we don’t know how. I think that we’ll get to see Monkey D Luffy’s new gear, that is the gear 5 in this war and maybe with its help and the help of his crew and Supernovas they’ll be able to defeat Yonko Kaido.

That is it from today’s post on fights we want to see in Wano Country war. If you do not agree with the points in the post and have some of your own opinions, share them with us in the comments section down below. Keep visiting TheAnimeScrolls for more information about Anime, Manga and movies.

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