Top 10 fights in Naruto

Hey guys. We are back with another list. This time it’s about the best fights in Naruto.
Warning: List may have spoilers.
10. Konan vs Obito- 20160626130848
After the defeat of Nagato, Konan sought to end Obito once and for all. She made a new jutsu, Kami no Shisha no Jutsu, to kill him. Konan split an entire lake into to and inside it were six hundred Billion paper bombs which almost killed Obito if hadn’t used the Izanagi.
9. Shikamaru vs Hidan- 20160626131059
Shikamaru swore to take revenge on Hidan for killing his teacher, Asuma. He returned with Choji, Ino and Kakashi and devised a plan to kill Hidan. Shikamaru’s intellect made it made possible to defeat the immortal Hidan.


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