Top 10 Fastest Characters in Naruto


Naruto has many Shinobi that rely mainly on speed while fighting.
Today, I’ve made a list of the 10 Fastest Characters in Naruto.
So let’s get started –
10. A — 3rd Raikage
Fastest Characters
The third Raikage was considered the best Raikage Kumo ever had. He was exceptionally strong and fast. A used the Lightning Release: Chakra Mode to boost his nervous system and increase his reflexes considerably. Although he became fast, he was mainly known around for his extra tough body than his speed.

9. A — 4th Raikage
On 9th is the 4th Raikage and the son of the 3rd Raikage, A. A used the same technique as his father, but was known for his super speed. He was said to rival even Minato in speed.



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