Top 10 Crews With The Highest Bounties In One Piece

Bounty is a reward issued by the World Government to an individual. If that person has committed a terrifying crime or is a threat to World Government his/her bounty increases. Pirates, who generally work as a crew amass a whole lot of bounty as a whole. Today, I have made a list of Crews With The Highest Bounties In One Piece.

10. Beautiful Pirates
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Beautiful Pirates are the Pirate crew that is lead by Cavendish. He was first introduced at Dressrosa. Moreover, he is extremely strong and powerful as seen in his battles at Dressrosa. Also, this pirate crew hails from the New World.

Bounty: At least 330,000,000

9. On Air Pirates
Highest Bounties
On Air Pirates are the Pirate crew that are from the Grand Line. Scratchmen Apoo is the captain of this Pirate Crew. They were first introduced at Sabaody Archipelago. Also, the only known member of this crew to have a bounty is Apoo. He has a Bounty of 350,000,000 berries.

Bounty: At least 350,000,000


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