Top 10 Characters Closest To Gol D. Roger

Gol D. Roger was the greatest Pirate to ever live. He was the only person to travel across the Grand Line and the New World completely. Many other people were close to his level.
Here are the Top 10 Characters who are closest to Gol D. Roger, power wise.

This list is not ranked

10. Dragon
Gol D. Roger
The leader of the Revolutionary Army, Dragon is the World’s most wanted criminal. He is the father of Luffy, and also the son of Garp. Furthermore, he is a fearsome man and his name itself rings terror. Although his powers haven’t been revealed, he must also be extremely powerful, as plans to overthrow the Five Elderly Stars.

9. Charlotte Linlin
Charlotte Linlin, also known as “Big Mom”, is a Yonkō and the Captain of the Big Mom Pirates. Also, she is currently the most popular female pirate and was first introduced at Fishman Island arc. Moreover, She possesses Soru Soru no Mi, with which she can manipulate anyone’s soul.
Being one of the Yonkō, she definitely is close to Gol D. Roger.


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