Top 10 Censored Moments In Naruto

There are many moments in Naruto anime that were censored due to being to gory or intense. A lot of them are totally different in the anime. So, today I bring to you top 10 moments in Naruto that were censored.

P.S- All Manga Panels are taken from their respective sources
10. Kisame’s slaughter of his squad- Censored Scenes
When Kisame slaughtered the Cypher Division in the anime, the action is censored.
9. Konohamaru’s sexy technique- 20161106223833
Konohamaru Sarutobi has a sexy technique that depicts Sasuke and Sai in a sexual position in the manga. But, in the English version of the manga only a silhouette of the two is visible. In the anime this is scene has been taken out altogether.

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