Top 10 Bukijutsu in Naruto

Hey guys! We are back with another awesome list. Bukijutsu is a jutsu which is used with a weapon. Bukijutsu is very powerful and should certainly not be underestimated. Today we have made a list with the strongest Bukijutsu from Naruto.

10. Puppet Technique
The Puppet Technique is a very unique style of fighting. The user uses the puppets as weapons by attaching their chakra threads to it. But, this technique has a huge drawback to it that the user is left unprotected while using it.
9. Flying Swallow-
In this technique the user induces their chakra into a kunai or blade, which amplifies the power of the weapon. By doing this, the power of the blade is increased in great quantity which allows the wielder to cut through iron.


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