Top 10 Best Sensor Type Ninja In Naruto

Sensor Type Ninja are those who can detect the presence of other people by perceiving their chakra. A skilled sensor can detect a person’s chakra from over great distances.
Here are the Top 10 strongest sensor ninja in Naruto.
Let’s begin—

10. Fū Yamanaka
Sensor Type Ninja
Fū was a member of the Yamanaka Clan. He was also a member of Danzō’s Foundation. Fū was stated to be a great sensor, being able to sense Sasuke and Karin approaching the Kage summit easily.

9. Ino Yamanaka
Ino’s sensory skills were just as good as Fū’s. She is shown to be able to easily detect people by their chakra. Additionally, she could also detect changes in another person’s chakra.

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