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This character is the third member of the Hoenn Trio alongside Ruby and Sapphire. He first appears in the Emerald Chapter where he takes up the Battle Frontiers Challenge alongside a side quest to revive the former Pokedex holders who under Petrification. He is possibly the only character who has defeated Red in Battle during battle dome challenge for the Last symbol. His battle Knowledge is highly extensive from their abilities, Movesets, Type and abilities he knows it all. He can also tell the Pokemon’s Birth place by looking at them a skill which he acquires by spending time with Pokemon’s during his lonely childhood.

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Yellow has the unique gift of Viridian forest. That’s right folks very few trainers are known to possesses this gift.( Like elite four member and Dragon Trainer Lance). She has complete control over her gifts thanks to tutelage under Blue who helped her to realize her talents.Related image

By now She can use the emotional state of Pokemon (and even evolve Pokemon’s like how her Graveler evolves into Golem despite not having traded it) and Synchronize them with her state To escalate the levels of her Pokemon Partners to that of the Pokemon League Champions. She can also heal Pokemon’s By contact and read their Minds making her the most dangerous and strongest trainer ever if made angry. She is also one of the trainers who can command Mewtwo.

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