4. X

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I am yet complete the X and Y chapters of Manga however judging from the very first and last volumes which I read out of sheer curiosity X seems to be very prodigious and capable trainer. He is actually a Junior Pokemon League champion who went into seclusion thanks to Adult Reporters who misbehaved with him and lil kangy. This allows him to form unique bonds with Pokemon which help him to overcome obstacles in the series. He even stops the complete form rampaging Zygrade with 5 mega Evolution by borrowing key stones from other Mega Evolution users a very astonishing feat. Most trainers have barely use one whereas X had done five of them.

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3. RED

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The First Pokemon Champion in the Manga series and youngest one at that. He is also the Youngest trainer to ever catch a Legendary.(Red caught Mewtwo for Blaine before going for Pokemon League) He is also the only trainer to have officially defeated all the Gym Leaders including the ever elusive Giovanni. Even Professor Oak has given him the Nickname of Red the Battler. This prodigious trainer is gentle with Pokemon and the Fan-favorite.

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Red has inspired even the protagonist of the Anime Show Ash Ketchem and all other Pokedex holder look unto him. Sapphire made her bet of collecting all 8 badges in a year with Ruby to break Red’s record. Even Gold decides to train under him after seeing him battle. He also has connection with Deoxys named Organism No2 through DNA perhaps like Blaine and Mewtwo in the series.

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