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Black is a dreamer who becomes an incredible detective when his Musharna uses Dream Eater allowing him to solve any mystery relating to Missing Pokemon. (thank to the knowledge from hours spent in library learning about Pokemon). Black is the Second Character who went on to become Pokemon League Champion in the series. He gains Reshiram’s trust to beat the former Pokemon Champion of Unova N and his Zekrom. Right now Black is out of commission thanks to Ghetsis. If you want to know more about this click here. However Black is about to reemerge from white ball along with Reshiram judging from latest chapter of Black 2 and White 2.

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This guy’s real name is unknown. His code-name is Black2 and in Pokemon trainer school he goes by the name Lacktwo. He works at Pokemon International Police and is superintendent making him Looker’s superior in the Story. Lacktwo is the strongest and smartest character of the overall series who doesn’t fails in his missions even when odds are against him. He is Best at everything from capturing, battling, social niceties and so on. In fact he catches Legendary Pokemon early in the story by wearing it out by throwing 300 Luxury Ball. (Genesect is that Pokemon in case you are wondering). This follows up with Keldeo joining his party after convincing the wild one. Quite the Trainer don’t you think?

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