Hello folks, This is a follow up for my promise in previous article. Today in order to further pique your interest in Pokemon Adventures Manga, I have written about some of the strongest Trainer. Do note this List doesn’t includes trainer from Sun and Moon for obvious reason.(Sun and Moon chapter has barely begun in Manga). Some of these trainers are much above others either because of accomplishment or because of very high potential. Also do note the list is tentative, Since ongoing chapters(like Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire, Black 2 and White 2 might reveal much better Trainers). All the qualities and accomplishments of these trainers taken into consideration while making this list. I hope you all enjoy it and as always thanks for reading.


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Green also known as Leaf the female counterpart in Fire Red and Leaf Green is the member of Kanto Pokedex holder. She is the only character known to have legitimately caught several Legionaries without befriending them before hand. Green catches all three Legendary Bird of the Kanto to overcome her orinthophobia. With the addition of these three she possibly has the strongest lineup amongst Kanto Dex holders.

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Blue is the runner up of the Pokemon League Tournament in the Kanto region. He loses to Red in Finals after a tough fight where both rivals try to outwit each other. Blue makes a reappearance in Pokemon X and Y manga where he reveals that Diantha is his former friend. It seems the two train under same master.  Blue’s Pokemon are so well trained that they can fight on their own without any trainer commands. In fact the Viridian City Gym is actually mostly without Blue but it has his second best squad to take on any challenger who might passby.

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