Top 10 Back Stories That We Want To See In One Piece

Back stories are the one of things that Oda is good at. There are many back stories in One Piece that made us cry and also let us know about the pain, suffering and the ambitions of the Characters. But, there are some back stories that haven’t been shown yet in the series. So, today I bring to you the Top 10 Back Stories That We Want To See In One Piece

10. Sir Crocodile
Back Stories
Sir Crocodile was the leader of Baroque Works and also was a Shichibukai. He was the main antagonist of Alabasta arc. Crocodile fought against Whitebeard himself but was utterly defeated. Crocodile has some secret about his past that he doesn’t want anyone to know. There is only one person who knows about his secret that is Emporio Ivankov. He is even willing to do anything to keep it a secret.

9. Roronoa Zoro
Zoro is the first mate of Strawhat Pirates and has a bounty of 320,000,000 berries. He is one of the top three fighters in their crew. Zoro possesses immense strength and endurance. As seen in his battles he got extremely bad injuries but still survives every time. And no one knows from where his strength comes from and his origins are still unknown.


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