Top 10 Strongest Armament Haki Users In One Piece


One Piece world revolves heavily around the powers granted by Devil Fruits. In order to counter these powers, the concept of Haki was introduced. Specifically, Armament Haki is used to bypass the defence offered by the Devil Fruits, even that of the Logia types. Today, we’ll rank all the best Armament Haki users in One Piece. So let’s get started –

NOTE: This list contains only those characters who have shown the ability to Harden (Blacken) their Armament Haki upto Dressrosa arc. While other strong users exist, we haven’t included them. This list may contain spoliers.

10. Smoker httpsi_ytimg_comvichTE7rZ3ZX8maxresdefault
So we begin our list with Vice Admiral Smoker. We saw Smoker using his Armament Haki against Vergo at Punk Hazard. Smoker intended to end Vergo’s life for betraying the Marines. He gave Vergo a good fight but in the end Vergo’s Haki was too strong for smoker.

9. Sai httpvignette4_wikia_nocookie_netonepieceimages881Bujaogen_anime
Sai is the 13 Division Commander of Happo Navy. He uses his Armament Haki against Funk Brothers in the Colosseum. His Haki is so strong that he also bent the drill of Don Chinjao and even defeated Lao G.


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