Top 10 Moments In Naruto That Were Altered

Naruto anime has many altered moments. This thing is done to strecth the anime and create space for more fillers. Moreover, these differences can be very huge or very tiny. So, today I have made a list that has the top 10 altered moments in Naruto.

P.S- Credit for Manga panels go to their respective sources.
10. Susanoo Penetrated?- 636141629983473529
When Obito attempted to attack Naruto, Sasuke shielded Naruto by using the hand of his Susanoo. The hand was penetrated in the manga. While as in the anime, the attack did not pierce through.
9. NaruBunta- 636141629967310426
In the manga, when Naruto and Gamabunta perform the Combination Transformation, they transform into a giant fox with one tail. But, in the anime they transform into Kurama.

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