Fire Force is one of the latest anime around and it is safe to say that it is causing a lot of buzz because of its awesome animations and movie-like experience. This week, to everyone’s surprise, we did not get any episode which was strange because the anime just got started.

The reason for the delay of Fire Force episode 3 is that Toonami has taken over the broadcasting rights and it was recently announced by Toonami that it has added Fire Force anime to its schedule. It also announced it will start premiering the episodes from 27 July 2019. So, it is obvious that Fire Force episode 3 release date is 27 July 2019. So far only two episodes of Fire Force have aired.

In the first episode, we were introduced to the world where anyone can explode into flames at any given time and the special Fire Force squad helps to deal with these lost souls. Shinra was introduced in the first episode.

Fire Force episode 3 spoilers

Then in the second episode, Arthur was introduced and his powers were shown. Also, the awesome power of controlling the flames was also shown. This power lies with Maki who looks awesome by the way.

Now, next week we will be treated to the third episode of the anime. This episode is titled “The Rookie Fire Soldier Games”. As we can predict from the title, finally the games that were brought up and talked about in episode 2 will be commencing. These games will test the new Fire Force fighters that have just joined their respective teams and give us the best rookie around. New characters will also be introduced in this new episode.

We’ll see Shinra accidentally groping a girl more than once whose personality he hates very much. Then we will get to see Shinra coming across the guy that saved him back when he was a kid but this guy refuses to even accept that something like that has happened in the past. The games will then commence at last and the rookies will have to enter a burning building and save as many lives as possible.

Also, there is going to be a new character in this building which will tell Shinra that he knows about his past and what caused the tragic death of his family. Fire Force episode 3 spoilers looks pretty interesting to me. Do mention what are your thoughts on Fire Force episode 3 spoilers in the comments section down below. So, let us see how the new episode looks on Toonami next week.


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